A word from our chairman Aidan Murray on the Caltra Commemorative Wall Development

On behalf of Caltra GAA club I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who takes the time to review our Commemorative Wall Development proposal. As everyone connected with the club and community will be aware, we have undertaken a very ambitious development program over the past number of years. When we purchased the new grounds in 2010 the scale of the project was quite daunting, so the development has been delivered on a phased basis. The common denominator throughout this project has been the unwavering support that it has received from the entire community, and as a club we are eternally grateful for that support. 
Covid-19 and the associated restrictions has changed all of our lives, but it has also shown the huge importance that sport, and recreation play in our lives, particularly among young people. With the completion of the new training pitch and walking track with street lighting, it will mean that the overall development will have achieved its original target of providing facilities that cater for all of our sporting, cultural and social needs, all on one site. 

The delivery of this wall will have a two-fold effect. It will provide the club with funding required to complete certain aspects of the development, outlined later in the brochure. It will also provide all of us with the opportunity to put our individual mark on this fabulous development and have it recognized for generations to come. 

You can print or download a copy of the Commemorative Wall Brochure here and a copy of the Plaque Purchase Sheet here.

I will close by encouraging all of our members, family and friends with any connection to the community to help us complete this wonderful project by purchasing your plaque on the wall. No matter where you live in the world today you can help secure our future and be part of our history in doing so.  

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