Caltra and its environs have a close-knit local population with a strong community focus, particularly in relation to the GAA.  This is evident from the level of involvement and participation in the sport.  As part of the on-going development of the area, currently there is local desire to address the existing poor GAA facilities.  This plan has been drawn up to outline the club’s proposal in this regard and will be used to investigate the potential for accessing funding, which will be critical to the success of the clubs plight.

Caltra GAA Club has a strong 12-member committee in place representative of the local area.  In 2010, this committee purchased an 18-acre site at the outskirts of the village, the purpose of this, to develop a much-needed GAA sports ground to promote all facets of the GAA, as well as incorporating community facilities. 

Although primarily GAA grounds, the site will also feature a community facility.  A separate committee within the community has been setup for this purpose (Caltra Community Centre Development Association, CCCDA) and a leasing arrangement between the GAA and the CCCDA has been put in place.

Presently in Caltra there are 19 different teams playing football from underage up to senior level, both male and female.  These teams, as well as local primary and post primary schools are relying on the one GAA pitch to train and play matches, with the result that scheduling teams can often be a problem and maintaining adequate playing field conditions is very difficult, in particular during harsh weather conditions.  

County Galway engineers and planners have been working alongside Caltra GAA committee in recent months to put in place a plan to develop much-needed, state of the art GAA sports grounds in Caltra.

Through a leasing agreement with the CCCDA the proposed development, while catering predominantly for the GAA will also host a community facility and playground with parking.  The development and funding of this is being managed separately by the CCCDA.

Included in the development plans will also be a number of housing sites and treatment plant/percolation area, adjacent to the proposed GAA grounds.  Through the sale of these sites it is hoped that additional revenue will be generated for the GAA.