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Lotto Changes for 2011

posted 11 Jan 2011, 02:19 by Jarlath Kelly   [ updated 11 Jan 2011, 02:50 ]

Caltra have introduced a few changes to the lotto format that has been used in recent years. To stay in line with most other local lottos, the numbers that can now be selected has been extended to 32. 
As usual if you match 4 numbers you will win or share in the Jackpot for that particular week. The draw will still take place at a local venue every Monday night at 10pm and the promoters prize remains at 10% of the Jackpot. After a Jackpot is won the new Jackpot will revert to €5000 instead of the previous €1000 so this should entice some more players. Results will be displayed on our website here weekly and also locally in most of the pubs around the parish.

The appearance of the lotto ticket has also changed. There are now 3 panels to choose numbers from.
This allows players to have multiple entries for the one draw on the same ticket. It also offers
great value for players wishing to play all three panels as this will now only cost  €5. One single panel 
will cost the usual  €2.

Please support our lotto as it is a vital stream of revenue for the club and helps fund all our day to
day expenditure. We will also be making a yearly subscription to the lotto available online in the coming weeks so stay tuned........Good Luck!