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Caltra Crest

Caltra’s first real exposure to the broader public arena came with the televised victory of the County Final in 2003. Previously the Club became aware as the season progressed, bringing further success, this exposure meant that we needed to cultivate a positive image. One deficit became apparent- our green and white strip and indeed our Club was without an emblem. So the emergence of Caltra’s first crest evolved. 

We had to come up with a crest representing what was most important in our small parish and shortly thereafter the Caltra crest was created. The crest embodies all that is good about Caltra. It depicts the rural tree filled landscape of the area. The native deer stands proud and tall beside the magnificent oak-tree, revered in Celtic times as a source of wisdom and strength. The shamrock and it’s synonymity with the story of St. Patrick is an intrinsic symbol of the Irish and their tradition of faith in God, country (and football!). 

The Club is deeply rooted in tradition and so we also salute the brave and courageous founding members of 1899 on the crest.
The crest now enhances all the paraphernalia of the Caltra Club, on jerseys, track-suits, jackets, car-stickers, T-shirts, flags among many other items.